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Since 2006, Ideas Collide has supported Gold Canyon – a $100 million direct selling candle company based in Chandler, Arizona – at their annual convention held in Phoenix. Whether writing keynote speeches, project managing video shoots or coordinating media coverage, the Ideas Collide crew covers a wide range of assignment to launch this important event.

At the beginning of August, over 700 enthusiastic Gold Canyon sales demonstrators gather at the Phoenix Convention Center for the annual convention where they are trained, motivated and get a sneak peek at the latest products coming to market. But the hard work, coordinating and details to stage this event go back to almost a year prior. So, yes – it’s an event, almost a year in the making…

Themes are conceptualized.

Websites are mocked up.

Teams are assigned projects.

Copy is created.

Registration incentives are outlined.

Products reviewed.

And … the convention website is launched. Open for registration by February.

At this stage, speech writing kicks into its own track. Often we develop 4-5 different speeches for various executives at the convention. Strategic messaging is outlined and themes to support the main messages are drafted. Every detail is mapped out, refined and rehearsed. This includes identifying the right entrance music and detailing the right styled clothing – making sure that whether on camera or stage it all sells and connects the audience to the message. In the case of this year’s opening night speech, we brainstormed with Gold Canyon a big multi-media opener that involved a pre-recorded video segment. Since green screen technology was being utilized in the video shoot, wardrobe had to be carefully selected to ensure it would work on a green screen as well as live on the stage the night of the actual event.

The job to get done day-in, day-out on this type of project is to make sure the message is connecting with the target audience and make sure your speaker feels confident and looks great. This comes down to a lot of rehearsal and testing the material. Is the message motivational enough? Will it inspire? Will it help drive the results expected? Frequently we huddle up during rehearsal and scan our checklist of objectives to ensure that each is being met.

Lastly, coordinating the entire event takes countless rehearsals and hours of planning. Images, videos, graphics, stage cues and timing all to be inserted into the speech and all of which must be precisely coordinated with the production crew as well as the keynote speakers. The actual night when it all comes together is both exciting and nerve-wracking, hoping every cue is on pace and taking notes to influence speeches later in the week at the event.

Whether it’s production of events requiring a year of planning or 2 weeks, Ideas Collide delivers.

Posted on October 6, 2010 in Events & Happenings, News, Public Relations

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