Launch Pad for iPad

Assignment: Develop an interactive, instructional game in a unique way to launch a new brand initiative.

Timeline: 4 weeks.

No problem!

Here at Ideas Collide, we are constantly trying to come up with the next big idea for all of our valued clients. Recently we had the privilege of assisting our Best Western client in an extremely unique project for a travel conference in which they would be rolling out new information on the international hotel chain. ICMC was charged with the task of introducing this information to the booth attendees at the conference in a fun and interactive way. After some heavy brainstorming and Diet Coke consumption, we came up with the idea of creating an iPad application that will exclusively introduce the brand initiative to the users at the National Business Travelers’ Association (NBTA) conference. And yes, we had 4 weeks to deliver. No room for error otherwise the event would come and go if we missed any piece in the creative and development cycle. Talk about efficient time management skills!

After we got the green light, it was full speed ahead in the office to draft up concepts, game rules, questions and of course the development of the game itself onto the iPad. Process, details and communication (over-communication) were key in delivering on time.

The cross-functional teams of design and development worked diligently to create an inviting and user friendly application that would introduce the information to the conference attendees. The application also provided some incentive for users to play, as it was tied into a sweepstakes with Best Western to potentially win Best Western Rewards money or an iPad for their own personal use.
There were several challenges that we also had to consider when creating this game, including the non-reliable internet at the conference and how to capture the important data if the app were to unexpectedly restart. Our development team are aces in working up solutions and remaining calm under pressure.

Overall the creation of the application on the iPad was not only a first for the ICMC team, but also for Best Western. From start to finish, this project was challenging, but a real feather in the cap for Ideas Collide. The client was extremely pleased and the engagement exceeded the client’s goals.

So we are ready (and already planning) the next app to develop and thankful for our talented crew, energetic clients and a Costco membership to keep a steady supply of Diet Coke always on hand (especially during 2 am review sessions).

Posted on August 30, 2010 in Design, Ideas, Observations & Trends, Show & Tell Portfolio

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