Campaign Delivered (in 24 Hours or Less)

You may have seen us saturating the news last week with our client’s event, Operation: Air Refresh. Gold Canyon, known for very strong and true to life fragrant products, came to us on a Thursday night last week (5:15 p.m. to be exact) asking if we could pull off a large media and consumer-based event… on Friday (yes, that next day).

Our answer? No problem. And our team kicked into high gear working through the night to set up Operation: Air Refresh – Helping Tempe Smell Beautiful Again. Chandler-based, Gold Canyon, makers of “The World’s Finest”® offered up free products to help get rid of the smell caused by the stagnant water and decaying fish that had resulted from the Tempe Town Lake dam collapse on Tuesday, July 20.

We helped Gold Canyon pass out scented products at no cost to the residents and businesses of Tempe, setting up shop at the corner of Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue. Not only was there considerable press coverage, but also a large amount of positive response from local street traffic, businesses and social media space. The response from event attendees was really the best and most exciting thing about the event. People were shocked we weren’t selling anything – just giving things away – no catch and it was satisfying to see the big smile come across people’s faces when we told them, “We can’t make Tempe Town Lake smell better, but we sure can make your personal space smell better!”

There was also incredible support from several employees and volunteers who manned the booth, canvassed Mill Avenue and reached out to people as they walked and drove by the area (I still have the blisters to prove it). The awareness and education consumers received about our client that day was just as satisfying as the media hits, Twitter mentions and Facebook comments.

Posted on July 30, 2010 in Events & Happenings, Ideas, Public Relations

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