Summer Lovin’

Summer is upon us at ICMC headquarters and with it the hopes of blissful summer days by the pool. Here’s a roundup of what we are looking forward to this summer (in addition to pumping out amazing, creative and impactful solutions for clients, that goes without saying).

Here is what summer has in store for all the Colliders!

Mark “Uncle Sam” Deyer: Fourth of July fireworks in San Clemente, California, corn on the cob and grilled chicken – every night and cheap, cold beer and limes.

Claudia “Too Cool for School” Kunkel: Hiking in the Rockies with friends and surviving the 100+ degree heat in Phoenix.

Matt “Goooal!!!!!!” Clyde: Mundial / World Cup, Toy Story 3 and lots of pool time.

Casey “Supa’ Smooth” Bower: Smoothies, board shorts, sunburns, swimming holes and BBQ’s.

John “Denver” Kenney: Fourth of July Weekend with family in San Diego and  Mile High Music Festival with friends in Denver.

Mike “Cannonball” Mason: Movies with the kiddies, long, sun-filled days and awkward dive attempts at the local pool.

Bridget “Campfire Girl” Daly: Disneyland trip with the extended family and LOTS of camping.

Jodi “Boogie Down” Dempster: Boogie boarding at Huntington Beach, spa day at the Princess and giving my office a dining room makeover.

Rebecca “Maui Wowie” Clyde: Maui vacation, my sister’s wedding and seeing all my family and the World Cup.

Amy “Team Edward” Ashurst: Moving in to my new house in Scottsdale and the release of Eclipse on June 30th

James “Hot in the City” West: Finding the best “hot” spots to eat in Phoenix, golf, and lots of swimming.

Barb “Fore!” Melnick: Lots of golf and spa services.

So now that our summer plans are set, what’s on your agenda?

Posted on June 9, 2010 in Events & Happenings

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