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Hey, this is James, the new project coordinator at Ideas Collide.  I started working here at the beginning of May and have loved every second of it already. Having moved back to Arizona I’ve been catching up with old friends and meeting new people, and when telling where I work, I am asked, “So what do you do there?” When I explain that a lot of my work is with social media, I get confused looks. “Oh, that’s nice.” There are still so many people who don’t understand or realize the importance of social media. Automatically it’s often associated with wasting time and status updating. However, when it comes to your brand, it is so much more than that.

The term “word of mouth” has spilled over into the digital space. Consumer-based referrals are still the most powerful things for companies to grow or die on. If someone has a bad experience with your brand, it is very easy (and likely) that they will post it somewhere online. That’s why it is vital that companies understand what they’re doing in social media realms and why. If you know your stuff, you can drastically improve your brand image and grow your brand online. You’ve probably seen this video but it is an updated version out this month. It sheds a very interesting perspective on social media and how important it is to have a presence there. If you don’t have one, don’t know how to have one, or had one and lost hope in it because it didn’t work for you, come to us. We’ve got social media gurus at Ideas Collide that know their stuff. Don’t let social media appear like a bust or a fad to your brand. It’s not.

If you’ve tried social media and gave up on it, don’t quit. Be like the amazing Rajon Rondo. If you’ve been watching the NBA playoffs religiously like I have, you’ll see this 5’ 6’’ basketball master in action. He, like many in the league, have fallen victim to a famous LeBron CD (chase down). Did that stop Rondo from ever going for another lay up again? No. He knows when you have a fast break, you take it. You don’t stop because you failed once. Here he shows he learned from a previous mistake, changed strategy and execution, and succeeded, even though he was heading into another CD situation. You can do the same. We can help.

Posted on June 7, 2010 in Digital Marketing Recommendations, Ideas, Observations & Trends

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  • Nate

    Thanks for the post! I really enjoyed your view points and the way you explained them using basketball! Keep up the great posts!

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