Print Work in the Digital Era

Today marks the last day of a complete collateral update for one of our clients, Meridian Bank. For two weeks we have been scrubbing brochures, branch signage, and calling materials. We have been updating images, revising copy, checking for consistency, and preparing files for the printer.  In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, it has been a nice change to dedicate my focus to these printed pieces and back away from the pixilated screen for a bit.  The digital marketing arena is hot, and for a good reason… but we can’t forget the value of printed collateral for our businesses.

On this project, I realized how lucky I am to work with such a talented team of designers, all of which not only understand the digital world but also have rich levels of experience with print and brochure development. For print production, there is a whole set of rules that never come into play with websites and other digital marketing. Bleeds, trims, crop marks,  and die lines have to be understood and set up correctly, understanding what type of press the piece will be printed on comes into play, and files must be packaged in a specific way to deliver to the printer.

There are a lot of behind the scene elements going on in order to create spectacular collateral and print work, but the end product is worth it. Print is something that your customers can hold, it lives with them on their coffee tables, or in their favorite magazines, it burns your band into their mind every time they see it, and somehow, there is something magical about collateral. It is like a business’ equivalent of your first business card. It is artistic, prestigious and conveys that your business lives on a professional level that requires readily available information for potential clients and customers.

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Posted on June 16, 2010 in Design, Digital Marketing Recommendations, Ideas, News

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