Ten Ways to Spark Creativity in 2010

Spark Creativity with Ideas Collide Marketing

It doesn’t always have to be same old, same old. You can improve your marketing this year with a little creativity. Here are a few ways to get inspired.

1.    Go to your favorite store and take note of promotions, merchandising and product lines. What trends are you noticing? What colors and textures are being used in décor and throughout the merchandise?

2.    Invest in “play” things for your desk. Silly Putty, Rubik’s Cube, Slinky and other silly toys. Handle them when you are problem solving or brainstorming. These toys actually help you think differently.

3.    Follow Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice and “do one thing every day that scares you.”  Doing so will broaden your views and experiences.

4.    Let nature inspire you and take a stroll outdoors. Take pictures of the natural surroundings. Let the open air clear your mind.

5.    Fill crossword puzzles, play Sudoku or strategy board games. Brain exercises like these sharpen your thinking.

6.    Visit an art museum. Take a notebook with you and jot down some insights from the artists.

7.    Sleep on the opposite side of the bed. Breaking a basic routine will help you see things from a different perspective.

8.    Exercise. Mull over your ideas while walking, biking, jogging or swimming.

9.    Read a magazine completely outside your usual interests. Doing so will open your mind to greater possibilities and views that you normally wouldn’t be exposed to.

10.    Get your zzz’s. Take a power nap. Commit to a full night’s sleep to recharge your brain cells.

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Posted on January 4, 2010 in Ideas

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