Round and Round The Creative Tilt-a-Whirl

When it comes to creative execution… subjectivity is always at play. Thick skin and patience are as important as brilliant strokes of genius when you play in the creative field. Some days it’s a thrilling ride. Other times it feels like you may need to stock up on Dramamine.

In the creative tilt-a-whirl it often goes like this…

Client Email Trail:

This looks great. Can we just tweak it to be more blue?

Ok, not sure if the blue is working. I’m thinking we want to see it in green for comparison.

Hmm. Green is wrong. Can we get it in more of a sage-green tone?

No. This doesn’t look right. Send another option.

No. I meant more minty green, sorry, not sage. You know like gum packaging.

Can you try some brighter colors? This just doesn’t look right.

How about more of a beige-brown-green option?

Ok, there are too many options here. Can we simplify?

Thanks. But how about something bolder? We really want to make more of a statement. I know you said we shouldn’t veer into reds, but we’d really like to see this as an option.

Everyone hates the reds. Red doesn’t seem to align with what we are trying to communicate.

Can you try some of the greens from our last campaign?

The greens feel tired. We really should stop relying on the old creative. Did we see a more violet tone yet? Something that is different but not too off course.

This looks ok. But not really what we were looking for. Maybe we should try it with a different layout? Have we considered using blue?

Perfect. Blue! This is just what it needed.

And that’s why we call it the CREATIVE-TILT-A-WHIRL. As a creative team that has worked on both the client and agency side of the fence, we know that inside the corporate halls there are plenty of roller-coasters, spook alleys and spinning ferris wheels of your own (hence the confusing trail of twist, turns and spins via email). No doubt you are requiring your own dosage of Dramamine to survive all the forces at play in your own “amusement park” (a.k.a. work place) of fun. No matter where you sit, sometimes you just have to enjoy the ride!

Posted on April 17, 2009 in Observations & Trends

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