Creativity, Bees & The Price of Ice Cream

It's your move, birdie!Using creative connections in messaging is sometimes an overlooked, strategic way companies have to communicate with their customers. For example, I have very little interest in bees and just the normal, average amount of interest in ice cream, but reading a recent headline online titled “The Decline of Bees May Affect the Price of Ice Cream”, I took time out of my busy, hectic, and average life to see what in  world was happening. Bees affecting the price of ice cream…how in the world?!
It turns out that many of Haagen-Daz most popular flavors for ice cream (banana split, strawberry, toasted pecan, etc.) are based on products that are dependent on the bee populations in California. There has been a mysterious decline in these populations recently and it is affecting the price of these products. Haagen-Daz is even considering switching out flavors that are not dependent on these ingredients or raising the price of ice cream. They even donated $250,000 to universities to try and figure out what is happening to the bees.
What does this have to do with creativity? A story on the decline of bee populations would have barely dented the mental firewall I have constructed around my very important (and limited) cranium. But bees affecting the price of ice cream…now that wins the curiosity prize and gets to (just barely) slide in the front door. Yes, it does depend on how you tell the story, as much as the story itself. The same is true for companies. Creatively telling your story can breathe life into your communications and, more importantly,  allow you through potential customers’ mental firewalls.

Posted on March 3, 2009 in Observations & Trends

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