June Tune Up


puzzled?We’ve hit the half-way mark on the year and we’ve been asking our clients what’s in need of a tune up on their project logs? Are there key projects out there that were strategically important but have been overshadowed to the urgent and common project du jour (i.e. launching a “spend your rebate with us” campaign, anyone?). It’s easy to set a course for the year in a  strategic marketing plan that was perfectly laid out and brilliantly presented in Q3-Q4 2007… but a few quarters later, some of those brilliant ideas are still sitting in your in-box. You want to get them done, they will deliver more sales, enhance the customer experience, bring in more recognition or attract positive media attention. Whatever it is, take time this June to Tune Up. Revisit those marketing plans, dust off the ’08 project log and see what you may find.

Posted on June 1, 2008 in Observations & Trends

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